Band 2.0: When live musicians meet the dj

The idea behind is as simple as efficient: A dj, a singer, a saxophone and percussion – melting together to a never-before-seen band. All live musicians are educated instrumentalists and singers, who made a name for themselves in the scene over the years and they are all stylistically confident at corporate events. Combine freely the elements in accordance with the requirements of your event and experience the top class taste of music.

It is your choice

DJ+Vocals: Create a relaxing lounge atmosphere at the beginning of your event to ignite the party later in the evening.

DJ+Sax: Whether lounge, dinner or party – a well dosed pinch of sax is a universal weapon to create the real Ibiza feeling.

DJ+Percussion: House and R'n'B mixed with live Salsa tunes fill any dance floor with pure energy.

You want to offer your guests a real musical highlight and you don't plan on doing that without neither self-made intrumental music nor the sensitivity of a dj? Count on the ensemble of all four elements for your event!

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